Ilse Willocx

Ilse started her career in the art department in 1993, on the set of Ad Fundum. Since then  she worked her way up and has been working as a set decorator since 1996. A few of the projects she participated in are ‘A Quiet Passion’, ‘A Royal Night Out’, ‘Suite Française’, ‘The Fifth Estate’.

Over the last decade, Ilse has focused mostly on international productions, which gave her the opportunity to work alongside industry heavyweights such as Veronique Melery (known for Jackie, Snowden, Marie Antoinette,..) and Jillie Azis (known for Inferno, By the sea, Mission Impossible, …).

Recently, Ilse has taken on some projects as a production designer and  this is where her ambitions lie.  She also continuous her work as a set decorator which she does with great passion. Ilse loves the challenge of bringing the ideas of directors and screenwriters to life.