feature film, 2017, A-team producties, HR-management (in production)


feature film, 2017, Zilvermeer Productions (Belgian coproducer), Art department, HR management (in production)

Find Me in Paris

TV series, BE Films (Belgian coproducer), Disney, Art department (in production)


feature film, 2017, Umedia (Belgian coproducer), coördinatie Art department (in production)

The Team 2

Lunanime (Belgian coproducer), HR-Management (in production)

Van Leeuwens Dritter Fall

feature film, 2017, Props Master Stijn de Ghein (in production)

Bankier van het Verzet

feature film, 2017, Zilvermeer Productions (Belgian coproducer), HR Management, Art department (in production)

T2 Trainspotting

feature film, 2017, DNA Films, Set Decoration: Véronique Melery

The Exception

feature film, 2017, Umedia (Belgian coproducer), Set decoration, Ilse Willocx
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De Kampioenen Forever

Feature film, 2017, Gardner & Domm, Assistant Props Master Stijn De Ghein

Blue Silence

feature film, 2017, Mindsmeet, HR Management


feature film, 2016, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Set Decoration: Véronique Melery

Toy Gun

feature film, 2016, Gardner & Dom, Calach Films, Art department Jan Petitjean/Stijn De Ghein

A Quiet Passion

feature film, 2016, Potemkino (Belgian coproducer), Set decoration, Ilse Willocx, tapissière Christine Cuvelier
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feature film, 2016, Menuet, Art department, props master Jan Petitjean

Charlie & Hannah gaan uit

feature film, 2016, Mindsmeet, HR Management

Eeuwige roem

TV series, 2016-2017, De Filistijnen, Props Master Stijn de Ghein

Where Hands Touch

feature film, 2016, Umedia (Belgian coproducer), Art department, Set decoration Ilse Willocx, Props Stijn de Ghein  (in production)

Professor T

TV series, 2016, Art department, Props Master Stijn De Ghein

Je suis un Soldat

feature film, 2015, Umedia (Belgian coproducer), Production Design: Véronique Melery

The Fifth Estate

feature film, 2013, DreamWorks, Set Decorator: Véronique Melery


feature film, 2008, Paramount Vantage, Set Decorator: Véronique Melery


feature film, 2007, Twentieth Century Fox, Set Decorator: Véronique Melery

Marie Antoinette

feature film, 2006, Columbia Pictures, Set Decorator: Véronique Melery